Morningwood Stout – Imperial Breakfast Stout – 2014 Backroom Brewery Homebrew Comp Winner (SHV Beer)

Here is the recipe for my first award winning homebrew batch.  It is a clone-ish recipe of Founder’s Breakfast Stout using Sumatra and Kona coffee, dark bittersweet and unsweetened baking chocolate. I brewed this first with my new 10gal mash tun that I made out of an old golf course drinking cooler and a cheap plastic attachment for my ball valve.  During the lauter, the ball valve actually fell off and the plan for a multi-batch sparge was in the toilet and we proceeded to use one large batch sparge to limit the contact with the broken valve.  To my own surprise, I was able to hit my target OG and the beer turned out great.  I ended up submitting it into the Backroom Brewery’s first homebrew competition and winning first place in the Spice Herb and Vegetable Beer (SHVB) category.

Morningwood Breakfast Stout – 5 gal

Malt Bill

16 lbs Breiss American 2-row Pale Malt

1 lb Breiss Chocolate Malt

1 lb Flaked Oats

12 oz Roasted Barley

9 oz Black Patent Malt

7 oz Caramel/Crystal 120L

Hop Schedule

0.5 oz Nugget @ 60min

0.5 oz Nugget @ 45min

0.5 oz Mt. Hood @ 30min

0.5 oz Mt. Hood @ 5min

Yeast – Safale-04 in a 2L starter


2.5 oz dark bittersweet chocolate @ 15min

1.5 oz unseated baking coco @ 15min

2oz ground Sumatra Coffee @ flameout

2oz cold pressed Kona Coffee at bottling

OG – 1.092

FG – 1.026

ABV – 8.66%

Mashed in at 155F with 1.25 qt/lb of grain.  Saccharification rest – 60min.  Batch sparge to a target pre-boil volume of 7 gallons.  Bring wort to a boil and start first hop addition at 60 mins.  Follow further hop/adjunct addition schedule until flameout.  Cool to pitching temperatures and ferment.

Primary – 65F x 14d

Secondary – 65F x 20d

Bottle condition with 4oz corn sugar.

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