Homemade Kegerator Build – Easy!

Bottling sucks!  It takes forever; scrubbing labels off of used bottles, cleaning, sanitizing, the risk of mold from old beer that was not rinsed after consumption, not to mention oxidation if you don’t properly purge the bottle with CO2.  Kegging is a better option for those of us that are purely lazy, in addition to having fresh beer on tap of course!

A few years back I got fed up with bottling my batches, mostly because I’m lazy and impatient.  Kegs offer the option to carb up the beer in a number of different ways to get fresh carbonated beer quickly.  They are also a breeze to clean and maintain.  The only downside is that the price for the setup can be a bit steep, especially when you get into multiple kegs/taps, larger diffusers for multiple taps, and especially a fridge or chest freezer to store it all in.  In my mind, the ease of use was worth saving up a few shekels to invest in a new system. Lucky enough for me, a close friend of mine had just purchased a new fridge for his home and this one was sitting around his kitchen for a few weeks after the new install.  I asked if he wanted anything for it, and he said “some fresh beer would be nice!”

I took the fridge home and cleaned it out well with bleach and set to dry.  After cleaning, I purchased a 1-1/2 in hole saw and mapped out where I was going to drill the holes for the shanks to go.  I decided against drilling the tap holes on either side of the fridge because I didn’t want to risk hitting any cooling lines/coils, so naturally, the door was the best spot.  I put the shanks closest to the door hinge to give the lines more room to move when the door is opened and made sure to drill the holes low enough on the door so that I could open the freezer without hitting the top of the tap handles.

Pretty simple design and easy to do once the parts were purchased from Keg Connection!


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