Breaux Code – Double India Wit Ale (DIWA)

Breaux Code was briefly introduced in my last post on Hybrid Styles where I dove a bit into the realm of combining the more approachable aspects of two styles into one.  Although the updated BJCP style guidelines include a specialty IPA style coined the White IPA, there has yet to be a development towards the further Americanization [...]

Hybrid Styles – Concepts

The 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines offer even more in the realm of craft beer and homebrewing as far as style specificity is concerned compared to the older 2008 version.  After the BJCP update, new styles, or in some cases sub styles, were added to further broaden the scope of craft beer, showcasing the overwhelming growth rate of [...]

Wild Yeast Culturing: The Step-up

Adding onto my previous post, Wild Yeast Culturing: Making the Starter, I have finally found the time to document what I had done with the starters that I cultured previously.  Although it should have been easy to culture wild yeast using my previously documented technique, it wasn't, at least not for me on my first attempt. [...]

Phantom Banter – Imperial Oatmeal Stout with Coffee, Vanilla Beans, Cocoa Nibs and Rum Soaked Am. Oak.

If you haven't been to The Answer Brewpub in Richmond, VA for their beers and Vietnamese cuisine, I suggest you do so... as soon as possible.  The have some fantastic offerings including their line of adjunct stouts that use ingredients such as Kona Coffee beans, hazelnut, maple syrup, toasted coconut, and macadamia nuts.  They are truly out [...]

Tasting Notes – Split batch French Saison

In case this is the first post of mine you are reading, about a month back I brewed both my first saison, and my first 10 gallon batch (same brew).  A number of weeks before the brew I posted about the recipe formulation which can be found HERE. To do a quick recap, I brewed 10 [...]

Wild Yeast Culturing: Making the Starter

Today I took my first shot at harboring wild yeast after recently read some articles at Bootleg Biology, which has great how-to's on creating your own supply of wild strains from the starters, to selecting individual colonies on plates for isolating a pure strain.  The first step, as I mentioned, is beginning/inoculating a starter. Step [...]

‘Tis the season…for saisons, that is! Counting to Infinity – Saison

The one style I have really yet to dive into is the saison.  Clean, crisp, and versatile, the saison has become a favorite style of most craft breweries in recent years.  It seems as though in establishments across the country, there are two commonalities on the tap list: a bold American IPA, and a effervescent [...]

Hubris DIPA – A take on the Northeast Style DIPA

Living in northern VA, there is little access to good, hazy and aromatic IPAs/DIPAs besides driving over to Herndon to visit Aslin Beer Co or 2.5 hours south to Richmond for some of The Veil Brewing Co.  In light of this, I decided to take a crack at the style myself. I am currently in the middle of [...]

The Northeast Style IPA – An attempt at formulating a new style guideline

The Northeast/New England Style IPA (NEIPA) is a more recent "pseudo-style" in the craft beer scene that revolutionizes the modern day IPA as we know it.  Combining massive hop flavor and aroma, full body and mouthfeel, and a turbid, "hazy" appearance, the NEIPA goes against the grain of the traditional 2015 BJCP guidelines.  Gaining popularity [...]