Tasting Notes – Split batch French Saison

In case this is the first post of mine you are reading, about a month back I brewed both my first saison, and my first 10 gallon batch (same brew).  A number of weeks before the brew I posted about the recipe formulation which can be found HERE. To do a quick recap, I brewed 10 [...]

Wild Yeast Culturing: Making the Starter

Today I took my first shot at harboring wild yeast after recently read some articles at Bootleg Biology, which has great how-to's on creating your own supply of wild strains from the starters, to selecting individual colonies on plates for isolating a pure strain.  The first step, as I mentioned, is beginning/inoculating a starter. Step [...]

‘Tis the season…for saisons, that is! Counting to Infinity – Saison

The one style I have really yet to dive into is the saison.  Clean, crisp, and versatile, the saison has become a favorite style of most craft breweries in recent years.  It seems as though in establishments across the country, there are two commonalities on the tap list: a bold American IPA, and a effervescent [...]

Hubris DIPA – A take on the Northeast Style DIPA

Living in northern VA, there is little access to good, hazy and aromatic IPAs/DIPAs besides driving over to Herndon to visit Aslin Beer Co or 2.5 hours south to Richmond for some of The Veil Brewing Co.  In light of this, I decided to take a crack at the style myself. I am currently in the middle of [...]

The Northeast Style IPA – An attempt at formulating a new style guideline

The Northeast/New England Style IPA (NEIPA) is a more recent "pseudo-style" in the craft beer scene that revolutionizes the modern day IPA as we know it.  Combining massive hop flavor and aroma, full body and mouthfeel, and a turbid, "hazy" appearance, the NEIPA goes against the grain of the traditional 2015 BJCP guidelines.  Gaining popularity [...]

Morningwood Stout – Imperial Breakfast Stout – 2014 Backroom Brewery Homebrew Comp Winner (SHV Beer)

Here is the recipe for my first award winning homebrew batch.  It is a clone-ish recipe of Founder's Breakfast Stout using Sumatra and Kona coffee, dark bittersweet and unsweetened baking chocolate. I brewed this first with my new 10gal mash tun that I made out of an old golf course drinking cooler and a cheap [...]